The Common Man Roadside Diner

All of your diner favorites, right here at the Hooksett Welcome Center on I-93 Northbound in Hooksett, N.H.! Our cooks make everything to order all day long at the Common Man Roadside Diner. You can enjoy diner classics like grilled cheese, hot dogs, and burgers, or try other creations like our bacon avocado burger or the caprese burger! All diner sandwiches include chips, and fries and onion rings are available as an upgrade!

Breakfast is served all day and includes classic breakfast options, breakfast sandwiches, and omelettes. Plus, you’ll need a little coffee with your meal, and our Common Man Joe hits the spot!

Burger options feature a range of proteins including ground beef, chicken, and veggie burgers, and the menu also features chicken tenders and hot dogs!

Take a pit stop off I-93 and grab some delicious diner fare for your trip!

Hooksett Rest Area Hi-Way Diner

530 West River Road
Hooksett, N.H. 03106

Monday-Thursday: Closed
Friday: 10am-7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am-3pm

Diner Menu